The Thank you for this goes out to a person who shall remain anonymous. We were informed about a certain Islamic family and we were provided names and addresses etc. This included taxi drivers and business owners. We rang Human Services, Centrelink and msg'd 49 members of parliament. Finally it has paid off. This goes back to over 3 months ago But look at the gutless media and the left wing bigots at news.com.au, they will not say they are Islamic but we know better.

The Islamic Invasion is leeching our country and you are paying for it.

Left Wing Bigots and Racists Burn Flag.

Bekka Bee

This lady find her here https://www.facebook.com/bekka.bee.9?fref=photo

You disgusting un-australian traitor. We will find your work we will find your real name.

Left Wing Bigots and Islamic Appeasers




These profiles are people who engage in tactics of online abuse/threats harassing Australians and/or Islamic appeasing bigots.


The Palestinian ‘Genocide’ Lie

It’s a moral scandal that it’s even necessary to debunk equating Israel with the Nazis. 

Press Release 11 Jul 2014

Today I seek to address a very specific issue that has risen by fraudulent activity by some parties. 

On July 5th an erroneous article was written by reporter named Robert Smyth, the article was then published on “The Age National” we will be attempting to contact Mr Smyth to seek corrections to his article. 

NEWS RELEASE 13 Jun 2014

As everyone is aware, the ADL has been the centre of controversy over the past few months, this is as a result of multiple things.

• Our views against Islam

• Our identity as a group

• Recent actions by some of our higher members

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